Congratulations on your interest in being part of this exclusive group of business owners who are committed to increasing their revenues and creating a positive impact in the world. These next few months can be a catalyst for positive transformation in your business and life. This page will provide an overview of what you can expect to experience and achieve as well as the investment of time and resources required to join. Our intention is ensure that each member of this mastermind will experience a dramatic ROI from their decision to be a part of this program and consider this process one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Please note that we only want leaders to join this mastermind that are committed to creating positive transformation and are willing to be a positive example and case study that will inspire other business owners and entrepreneurs to model after.

Here’s some of what you will experience by being part of this exclusive mastermind:

  • A weekly group webinar that will expertly guide you through the Conscious Growth framework for your business to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Weekly “mastermind and hot seat” calls where we will answer questions and provide guidance on specific strategic objectives to ensure successful implementation.
  • Private online access to all resources and weekly reporting.
  • Access to a Mind mapping and project management software and training on how to map out your business to ensure you achieve your outcomes.
  • Two monthly one on one strategy calls with Doug Sutton where he will provide you with expert guidance on your business and life objectives to ensure you are experiencing positive results.
  • All calls and video conferences will be recorded and you will have private access to them for future reference.

How we will guide you to create Conscious Growth

Discovery Process

The discovery process consists of a detailed investigation into your business. We will guide you through a process to gain an in depth understanding of your vision, your company culture, your mission and cause, your messaging, marketing strategies and tactics as well as your hiring and training practices.

You will discover how you engage with your prospects and existing clients, review your conversion ratios, your existing distribution and sales channels and your overall client experience. This entire process allows you to gain a clear understanding of your successes, challenges and opportunities for success.

Identify opportunities for Conscious Growth

After the Discovery phase, you’ll identify multiple ways to optimize and increase your profits, improve your culture, create a greater impact, clarify and improve your messaging and dramatically improve your overall client experience.

We will then guide you through a process to identify the most important strategies and tactics to focus on and prioritize the order in which they will be deployed.  There is tremendous profit optimization potential when you simultaneously improve a small number of key areas in your business.

Create a customized Mind Map and integration plan

We will help you create a clearly defined map, strategy and action plan to bring your vision and mission into reality. This holistic approach ensures you are focusing on areas including:

  • Business development strategies
  • World Class client experiences
  • Scaling for growth
  • Giving back and contributing to your cause
  • Enhancing your culture and community
  • Creating greater personal and professional relationships
  • Improving your health and wellness

Align with your cause and actively contribute to the world

One of the most integral components of this mastermind and Conscious Growth is for you to align with at least one cause that is important to you and to have your business become actively involved in supporting it.  It doesn’t matter to us what cause you choose.  Our world is full of challenges and great causes to get behind.  What we care about is that YOU choose one(s) that you are passionate about and one(s) that contributes to creating a better world.

We will support you in clarifying your vision, how to enroll your team members, share this vision with your existing and potential customers, your community and to become a positive catalyst for change.

Clearly define your Key Performance Indicators

The language of business is numbers and gaining a clear understanding of exactly where your business is trending is vitally important.  Many businesses simply do not have their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) identified or tracked effectively.

We will guide you through a process to help you identify exactly what KPIs you must track in order to achieve your business goals.  From there, you will develop a consistent ritual to make modifications based on the results from each of your tactics.

Develop powerful strategies to increase your revenues

We will work with you and ensure that you create and deploy powerful profit building strategies into your business.  You will be expertly guided based on proven models and frameworks to create greater profits.

In addition to receiving expert guidance from Doug, you will also see first hand and learn from other business owners in how they are growing their business as well. The synergistic effect of a group consulting program like this is one of the greatest benefits you will receive.

Deliver World-Class Client Experiences

The greatest way to build your business is to create a passionate group of clients who become evangelists. This does not happen by accident and there is a science to creating this effectively.  We will help you proactively create, systemize and deliver a World-Class experience to each of your prospects and clients alike.

This alone however is not enough and where many businesses fail to experience positive results. We will show you exactly how to inspire your clients to generate massive amounts of repeat business and referrals.

Become a more effective leader

The famous philosopher Emmerson said “Who you are speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying”.  This certainly applies to you as a leader in your business and your personal life.  An integral component of this mastermind is supporting you to develop and improve your leadership skills.

By applying the Conscious Growth framework, you will take inventory and assess how you are leading and identify how to be a more effective leader. This will have a profound impact on how you lead in your business, your family and your personal life.

Create a greater sense of health and happiness

Often overlooked yet vitally important is your overall sense of health, happiness and inner peace.  In order to create Conscious Growth that is able to be sustained, you must have a primary focus on yourself.

This is one of our greatest areas of focus and highest levels of competency. Through integrating mindfulness practices, opportunities to reflect and prioritize your health and happiness, we will support you in creating greater levels of joy, passion and fulfillment in your life.

Define your legacy

Creating Conscious Growth requires you to lead your business and life in such a way that you are fully present and aware of how each choice you make impacts yourself and the world around you.  As a leader of a business with an entrepreneurial spirit, you have a sacred opportunity to create a legacy that future generations and the world can benefit from.  By having a clearly defined legacy that you intend to leave behind and integrating it into your daily life, you will feel a greater sense of purpose and passion each day. We will help you clarify your legacy and ensure it is expressed as a part of your business and life.

The most sophisticated learning management platform in the world

We are in development to build the most sophisticated learning management platform in the world that offers each user an ability to keep track of their goals relating to their business, life and legacy. You will be the part of the first group to use this platform as it is being developed. In addition to being able to create and keep track of your action plans in each area you are focusing on, you will eventually be able to view dashboards of your KPIs, have access to previous video conference recordings and assess your progress. This interactive system is unlike anything in the world that exists and will be the foundation of the Conscious Growth platform as we develop courses and content to share with others to support them in creating a better business, a better life and a better world.

Join us now and get ready to create Conscious Growth

As you can see, this exclusive program has been expertly designed to provide you with massive results in a multitude of different areas of your business and life.  Our traditional consulting model involves a more intimate relationship with each client as we become an integral part of their executive team and the fees typically start at $12,500 per month and go up from there depending on the nature of the engagement.  We have had a tremendous track record of success and over the last few years. As a result, all of our business has been as a result of word of mouth and referrals however we simply haven’t been able to service the number of potential clients that have wanted our support.

Because of our desire to expand our impact to create a better world by working with Conscious Business Leaders we have made a decision to no longer offer our traditional model so we can support a much larger audience.  This is why we are launching the Conscious Growth Mastermind and platform.

Having had the honor of working intimately with some of the top minds and companies in the world in the areas of business and personal growth, I can say with certainty that there isn’t another program available with this level of individual and collective support.

This will probably be the only time we ever offer this type of mastermind because future programs will be designed to be delivered to a larger audience with much less individual expert guidance. We are also being very intentional about who we invite into this mastermind because we are building a group of case studies that we can feature to inspire other business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to model after.  Because of this, your investment to be part of this exclusive program is only $5,000 per month.

If you share a common goal of utilizing your leadership and gifts to create a positive impact in the world while surrounding yourself with a powerful group of other leaders, join us today to become a part of this ground breaking group.

I would be honored to share this journey with you and support you in creating greater profits in your business, greater join in your life and greater impact in the world.

With appreciation,
Doug Sutton