What we are creating

Our vision for the Conscious Growth platform is to contribute to creating an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world.  We are fully aware that this is a massive undertaking and know we cannot do this alone.  We have mapped out multiple stages for the Conscious Growth platform and this initial launch phase is to facilitate a group consulting business growth mastermind. While we will be much more open with the types of business owners we allow into future programs, our intention with this initial group is to have between 6-10 members that we believe can be ideal case studies and success stories  Having worked intimately with some of the world’s leaders in business and personal growth, I am confident that what we have created offers a value greater than anything I have seen in the industry for the money.

Most importantly, we are committed to only working with business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to utilizing their business and leadership skills to contribute to creating a better world.  Over the last 5 years our consulting practice has had a steady stream of clients based strictly off of word of mouth and referrals and because of the intimate nature of the way we have worked with clients and our limited capacity to serve, we have had to turn away many opportunities to help businesses create Conscious Growth.  Because of our desire to serve more values aligned businesses who are committed to creating greater profits and a better world, we have invested a great amount of time and resources to offer this exclusive business growth mastermind.  It is designed to create a massive amount of value and is focused on integrating Conscious Growth and a positive Return On Investment.

How you can support and benefit

Rather than investing our resources into marketing and advertising to promote this platform (especially in the early stages), we feel it is important to be mindful and conscious of who we invite and allow into our initial group.  Because of this, we have allocated a 10% referral commission of the tuition for members to be paid to our affiliate partners. 

If you have been invited to this page, that means I have a great amount of respect for you as an individual and believe that anyone you would choose to invite into this program would be a great fit.  Please know that my intention in offering this affiliate program is not so anyone can blast to their database and invite people they have not connected with.  It is important to me that those who are invited are carefully considered prior to being invited.

Also, in order to receive credit for this referral, you must register each client at the time of making an introduction to ensure this prospect is not already engaged in conversation with us about joining through another referral partner.  We do not anticipate much overlap at all however want to make sure we honor the person who is initially responsible for enrollment.

Please review the following information to learn more about who we are looking for now and in the future as well as how you can generate affiliate commissions today.

The following describes the ideal member of this mastermind:

  • They have existing annual revenues of at least $200,000 and up to $50 million (or are a well funded startup with an existing infrastructure with team members, models and systems already in place).
  • They have a purpose of utilizing their business to create a positive impact in their community and the world.
  • They desire to collaborate with other like minded business owners and are committed to sharing their best practices (and receive from others) and be a model for others to learn from.
  • Their business model includes an existing staff of employees, independent contractors and/or sales people who have live interactions with customers (business or consumer).
  • They understand the value of building a strong culture and desire to become a better leader.
  • They realize the importance of and are committed to leading by example in their personal life, prioritizing their relationships, having a healthy body and playing an active role in giving back to others.

What about other business owners and entrepreneurs that don’t fit this description?

For this initial phase, we are only looking for businesses that meet the description above for a few reasons.  First, the specific process and framework that we have created is designed for businesses with existing infrastructure, revenues and staff that can execute on this guidance.  Secondly, there is a special dynamic that will be created as these business owners share best practices, collaborate and learn from each other. We also intend to create a core group of case studies and model examples for future businesses that we will invite into the Conscious Growth platform.

Future phases and programs will be designed for:

  • Start up businesses in launch phase desiring support to ensure success
  • Solopreneurs who are seeking guidance to build their business and scale for growth
  • Sales professionals who want to become more successful in their business and life
  • Authors, speakers and thought leaders who desire to build their brand and impact
  • Individuals who have a desire to create Conscious Growth in their life

Partner with us today

If you would like to become an affiliate partner and earn commissions while making a positive contribution to business leaders, please fill out the form below and we will set you up in our system.

Our special offer for this charter member 6 month program is $5,000 per month and for successful referrals, you will receive $500 per month (or $3,000 for the full program). We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you more in the future as we continue to build our platform and launch future phases as well.