Join a select group of committed business leaders to massively increase your revenues, create a foundation for lasting success, have more fulfillment in your life and create a positive difference in your community and the world.

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to gain access to expert guidance so you can transform your business and life.

Dear Conscious Business Leader,

If you are a business leader who has an already established track record of success and a desire to increase your revenues while creating a positive impact in the world, I have a special opportunity for you.

I’m looking for a group of leaders who are committed to their business being a catalyst for positive transformation with their employees, their customers and the world to be part of this private mastermind.

I’ll explain why we’re doing this in a moment, but if the above description describes you, here’s what we want to provide for you:

  • Exclusive membership into a private 6 month program designed to massively increase your revenues and overall business success by applying some of the best practices in the world of business growth.
  • Create and follow a systemized approach to perform a complete diagnostic on your business to discover exactly where you are and why you haven’t achieved the success you’re capable of.
  • Identify specific strategies to optimize your success and develop an action plan to implement.
  • Clarify the purpose and mission of your business and personal life, including creating a clear vision of the positive impact you and your business will make in the world.
  • Successfully launch specific strategies that will improve your culture, inspire your employees, customers and community to become evangelists of your business and to attract more business than you could imagine.
  • Develop systems that will allow you to systematically scale your business for growth and deliver World Class Client Experiences.
  • Become committed to have your business to be a catalyst for positive transformation in your community and the world.
  • Mastermind with a select group of successful business owners who are committed to each other’s success and making a positive impact in our world.

Our Track Record of Creating Success

We have worked with companies in a wide range of industries with annual revenues ranging from just a few hundred thousand to over $300 million providing expertise and business growth strategies, integrating proven models and systems where clients have experienced increases in revenues ranging from 30% to well over 500%.  Simply put, we are great at what we do and we take pride in providing tangible results for our clients.

Become one of our success stories

We’ve had a significant impact helping Conscious Business Leaders dramatically increase their revenues, develop greater meaning and create a positive impact in people’s lives and the world.

So why am I creating this program?

I am creating this program because I know I can increase your company’s revenue and success and if I do, I will ask that your commitment in return will be to put a portion of new profits toward creating a better world. Entrepreneurs have a greater impact on society than any politician will ever be able to and I believe the best way I can help to create a better world is to support business leaders who want to utilize their leadership skills and influence to make a positive impact.

I grew up on an agricultural farm in the Midwest in an entrepreneurial family.  This not only instilled a great work ethic, strong core values and an understanding of business at an early age but also a deep appreciation for our environment.  Over the last 20 years, I’ve learned from some of the greatest minds in the areas of business growth and personal development.

In addition to starting and building a successful real estate business when I was 20 years old, I’ve had the honor of serving as a right hand to one of the top developers in the United States, as a CEO for one of the largest Keller Williams franchises in the world in Arizona and have served as a VP of the Elite Consulting Division with a company founded by industry giants Tony Robbins and the late Chet Holmes.  I’ve also been mentored by countless experts in a multitude of different areas.

Even though I had developed a unique skillset and expertise to go into businesses and create massive increases in revenues and profits with a consistent stream of clients, I felt unfulfilled because I have always felt a deep passion to create a better world and have a strong feeling that the trajectory that we have been on as a society is simply not sustainable.

I made a decision that changed the direction of my life

I became less and less fulfilled serving the business world just for the sake of making more profits when I knew in my heart that our world has many challenges that need to be addressed and I made a commitment that I would only work with and serve companies that had a higher purpose to contribute to creating a better world.

Business leaders are the most influential catalysts to create change

Rather than relying on a broken political system to address these challenges, the fastest and most efficient way to create positive transformation is to work directly with the business community.  It is the entrepreneurial spirit of so many great leaders throughout history that have shaped our world.  Businesses influence consumer behavior and the most successful businesses have the greatest impact whether that be positive or negative.

I realized that if we can identify and work exclusively with business leaders who are committed to creating a better world, we can create massive momentum to achieve this vision. And there’s a really important secret that Conscious Business Leaders understand; when your business has a higher purpose to do good in the world while also deploying proven strategies to share it effectively, it will become much more successful and profitable as a result.

So for the last few years, my company Conscious Growth Consulting has had this commitment and we have worked intimately with a handful of companies to help them increase their profits and impact with great success.

The challenge with this model for me is that because of the intimate nature in how we work with clients, we could only affect a small number of clients at a time.  In addition to the limit of time, I have personally worked with clients who have invested a minimum of $10,000 and even over $50,000 per month when working with another consultant and even though they received an incredible ROI from their investment, it created a barrier that prevented many companies from being able to afford to work with us and gain access to this level of proven profit driving expertise.

I know that in order to achieve my personal mission, we must move much faster and collaborate with and be part of a ripple effect that supports thousands and even millions of business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

We are building a World-Class team and creating a platform that will provide the best education, resources, strategies and frameworks for business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals to create Conscious Growth in their lives and the world. I have been privately collaborating with a team of experts to architect and deliver this platform and decided that the best way to launch this is to build a select group of businesses that I will work intimately with and take them through this program so we have a dream team of case studies and success stories that will help us expand our reach.

So my intention is very clear. Identify a small group of committed business leaders that we can support to dramatically increase their revenues with proven strategies and systems, help them increase their overall sense of fulfillment and connection to their purpose while using their business and influence to actively contribute to creating Conscious Growth within their individual life, their community and the world.

Is the Conscious Growth Mastermind Right for You?

We are looking for a very specific specific type of business leader to be part of this initial group.  This program is for you IF:

  • You have existing annual revenues of at least $500,000 and up to $50 million (or you are a well funded startup with an existing infrastructure with team members, models and systems already in place).
  • You have a purpose of utilizing your business to create a positive impact in your community and the world.
  • You desire to collaborate with other like minded business owners and are committed to share your best practices (and receive from others) and be a model for others to learn from.
  • Your business model includes an existing staff of employees, independent contractors and/or sales people who have live interactions with customers (business or consumer).
  • You understand the value of building a strong culture and you desire to become a better leader.
  • You realize the importance of and are committed to leading by example in your personal life, prioritizing your relationships, having a healthy body and playing an active role in giving back to others.

If the above describes you and you are ready and committed to take your business and life to the next level, please apply to be a part of this exclusive program.

If you do not fit the description of what we are looking for in our initial launch and are interested in keeping up to date for when we launch our future phases in the near future, please fill out the form below and we will let you be one of the first to know.