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We are collaborating with a select group of like minded leaders and developing a platform designed to inspire, empower and support individuals, business owners, institutions and entrepreneurs to grow consciously. Many of the greatest challenges we have as individuals and in our world as a whole are as a result of unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviors. In order for any positive change to occur, we must become aware of the patterns in each area of our life and consciously choose new thoughts and behaviors.

This platform will support authors, speakers and leaders with educational material and content to share their information to a wider audience with a sustainable financial model.

What is Conscious Growth?

Conscious Growth is growing while being mindful and aware of how each choice you make impacts yourself and the world around you. While many people focus on their own personal growth, often times their choices do not lead to long term happiness or may have a negative impact on others around them or the environment. Conscious Growth requires you to be fully aware and purposeful about the choices you make in each area of your life.

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If you are interested in getting involved or being kept up to date on our work, please fill out the form below. We know that in order to realize the positive transformation necessary to create an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world that it will require a significant effort from as many committed and like minded individuals as possible. We invite you to join us and to support this mission and in the process, we believe your individual life will be transformed in positive ways.

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