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When You Create
Conscious Growth™, You
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Not all growth is conscious and often times this leads to high levels of stress, unhappiness and unintended consequences in your business, your life and the world around you.

By applying the Conscious Growth™ framework into your business and life, you will create lasting and sustainable success while making a positive contribution in your community and the world.

Conscious Growth™
Creates Sustainable Success

When you integrate Conscious Growth™ into your business, you will be tapping into perhaps the most powerful advantage that you possibly can to increase your profits, attract the best employees and become your industry leader. The latest trends have shown that today’s consumers and potential employees alike are demanding that businesses adopt specific practices. In order to for your business to create sustainable success, you must not only be aware of these trends but know how to apply them.

expect employers to provide
hands-on activities around
environmental responsibilities in
the workplace

percent of consumers are likely to
switch brands, about equal in
price and quality, to one that
supports a social issue.

increase in repeat and referral business
when your company
supports a positive cause

We are on a mission

Our mission is to create an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world by providing World-Class education, training and collaboration directly to business leaders, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that have missions, products and services that provide solutions to some of the greatest challenges we have in our world today.

We are building a community of leaders that are committed to creating a better world while empowering individuals with tools and resources to ensure they create Conscious Growth™ in all areas of their lives.

The Conscious Growth™

  • Conscious Growth™
    Business Solutions:

    Create massive growth and scale your business while deploying proven strategies to optimize your profits, build a strong culture and utilize your business as a force for good in the world with expert guidance, training, masterminding and support.

  • Conscious Growth™
    Life Solutions:

    Discover how to create a more meaningful life, greater health and happiness by applying the Conscious Growth™ framework with proven tools and techniques that will support you in all areas of your life.

  • Conscious Growth™
    Non-Profit Solutions:

    We actively contribute to non-profit organizations by providing expert guidance on best practices relating to increasing awareness, volunteer support, donations and how to align with businesses that share their mission.

Unconscious Growth
Causes Unintended Consequences™.

Without applying Conscious Growth™, many individuals and business leaders struggle to create and sustain success and happiness and in addition, they cause harm to their health and the environment. This can be especially deceiving because short term results can happen and by the time a business fails, harm to the environment is caused or disease occurs in the body, it is often too late to change.

In the World

The UN commissioned a study that revealed that the 3,000 largest corporations in the world are responsible for a devastating $2.2 Trillion in damage to the environment per year.


In Business

80% of businesses never reach their 10 year anniversary. The greatest reasons are because they are not conscious to their customer’s needs and desires, mismanage their cash flow and fail to deliver proven strategies to grow their business.

In Life

Despite a boosting economy and low unemployment rates, over 50% of people report being unhappy and there has been a dramatic 400% increase in antidepressant use in the last 10 years.

Why does this happen?

The root cause that leads to all unintended consequences is simply a lack of awareness. No individual or business owner wakes up and consciously wants to do harm to the environment, to fail in business or to be unhappy with high levels of stress and disease in their body. The pressures and influences people are exposed to cause them to make goals and choices from a level of thinking that fails to take long term effects into consideration. As a results, people simply do the best they can with the frameworks they are provided with in an attempt to create a successful business and life while being frustrated by not experiencing the results they truly want.

What is Conscious Growth™ ?

The word conscious simply means aware. Whether you’re creating growth in your business or personal life, it is important to be conscious in the way that you make choices and actions in all areas. Applying Conscious Growth™ addresses the root cause of unintended consequences and supports you in creating lasting and sustainable success by applying two main frameworks.


Why do you want what
you want?

The first is to understand what are the underlying motivating factors behind why you have the goals you have and make the choices that you do.




What will bet the impact?

The first is to understand what are the underlying motivating factors behind why you have the goals you have and make the choices that you do.

Our Founder,
Doug Sutton

Doug is a business growth expert, consultant, personal advisor and visionary that has worked with companies with annual revenues ranging from just a few hundred thousand to over $300 million, integrating proven models, business growth strategies and systems where clients have experienced increases in revenues ranging from 30% to well over 1,000%.

He is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world by working directly with business leaders and entrepreneurs that share the same mission. He has worked closely with and been mentored by some of the top thought leaders and experts in personal development, business growth and sustainability.

In addition to being able to identify and integrate proven strategies to increase revenues and results, Doug is highly intuitive and works with individuals and organizations on a cultural and energetic level which he believes is a catalyst to create lasting transformation.

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